Puppeteers of America Southeast Region Survey

Greetings from the Puppeteers of America Southeast Regional Director!

While I wasn’t able to attend the Puppet Paradise regional festival this year, I hear that those who did had a good time and got to experience a wide variety of shows and workshops. I’d like to extend my thanks to Keith Shubert and his crew for pulling it all together.

While the festival may be over, it’s not time to rest on our laurels – the year 2020 will be here before we know it. There’s a lot to be done before then at the regional level, and the regional leadership can’t do it all by ourselves. I really want your feedback on how you perceive the southeast region, what you would like it to do for you, and especially how you would like to see festivals evolve as we continue to move forward in the 21st century.

I’ve created an anonymous survey around these topics that should hopefully only take you about ten to fifteen minutes to complete. It includes some free-form fields, so you will have a chance to offer candid opinions if you wish. I encourage everyone to take the time to give me your feedback, as your responses will be taken into consideration as plans for the next two years (and beyond) are developed. The survey is available online at the following URL from Monday, July 9th through Sunday July 29th:

The survey is now closed – thanks to everyone who participated!

Thank you,
Kevin Pittman
Puppeteers of America Southeast Regional Director
Puppeteers of America | southeast@puppeteers.org